2018, Ben Haviour was asked to compose the score to the debut feature film by Georg Pelzer. The whole score plays with the feeling of floating in water. Sometimes you have the illusion of grip, sometimes you‘ve got no orientation at all. Jonas, the main character is fighting in between these bounds and we watch him struggling, as we watch ourselves.

Synopsis:When Jonas loses his job at a Hamburg startup company, he doesn’t have the heart to tell his girlfriend Katharina, as her nerves are already on the edge with her final law exams coming up. Every morning he leaves their flat and drift aimless through the metropole on endless underground rides. After a chance meeting with his former boss Marc, Jonas starts to observe the young manager. His curiosity gradually turns into obsession, small and bigger everyday lies become a kind of survival strategy for Jonas. While Katharina notices his increasingly odd behavior, Jonas is losing control over events more and more.

FLOOD deals with feelings of powerlessness of the individual facing a growing competitive and performance pressure. The fear of failing in a perceived competition of life kicks off a spiral of wrong decisions, with no apparent way out. Georg Pelzer’s debut was shot basing on a 20-page plot description, dialogues and actions where improvised with the actors on location.