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Ben Haviour is a composer, music producer, and audio specialist from Weimar. He produces electronic music and film music. Since 2015, he has released on various international labels such as: Traum Schallplatten, RFR, Miracle Music, Bad Bat Records, and Alien Allies. Ben Haviour's music is published by "Kick The Flame".

Melancholy Rave

Ben Haviour has just released his debut album "Melancholy Rave".


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Ben Haviour performs as a DJ, delivering live sets and concerts. At select gigs, his music is enhanced with visuals. His sound is driven by his tireless spirit of exploration. A mesmerizing journey, blending punchy dubstep drums with live acoustic drums. Layers of synths create a dazzling effect, merging digital synthesis with raw post-rock. Ben's vocals are reminiscent of Dave Gahan and Brian Molko. Each song is a new experience as he carefully pushes the boundaries of genres and begins to blend them together. This happens so intuitively that it feels entirely natural.

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DLF Kultur Tonart Interview

Ben Haviour veröffentlicht Debütalbum „Melancholy Rave“

09:46 Minuten

Müller, Andreas · 28. September 2023, 15:08 Uhr