Inspired by the boundless tapestry of music, Ben Haviour's artistic journey has consistently led him to create music that complements visual storytelling. Consequently, he has crafted distinct soundscapes for a wide array of audiovisual mediums, including film, radio features, art installations and commercials. Over the years Ben Haviour has produced in diverse genres such as Punk, Electronica, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Techno, Metal, Ambient and Pop he has a broad background in collaborations with many musicians from those scenes.

FLUTEN Original Soundtrack

"Fluten (2019) deals with feelings of powerlessness of the individual facing a growing competitive and performance pressure. The fear of failing in a perceived competition of life kicks off a spiral of wrong decisions, with no apparent way out." Georg Pelzer (Director)

Fluten was the first full length feature film Ben Haviour was asked to write the score to. The protagonist Jonas is drifting aimlessly through the suburbian waters of Hamburg. The mood of the score is aiming to convey the feeling of floating, curiousness, being hugged but also feeling the urge to flee.

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